Why choose me to bring your projects to life ?

I'm full stack

You pay one person but get the work and quality of a team.

I use the latest technologies

You'll always get the best of what's possible today.

Your satisfaction is my priority

I'm carefully listening to my clients' needs, until satisfaction.


How did computer science become my main passion ?

I started programming at age 14. Two years later, I wrote my first interpreter for an invented programming language and I had written a dozen lessons for the website OpenClassrooms (like this one, or this one). I spent most of my free time focusing on what had become a vocation.

Soon after, I moved towards computer science studies and ended my learning path with a professional degree called designer / developer for decentralized architecture (Internet is a decentralized architecture, for instance).

I then worked as a design and research engineer for a research laboratory, which has become a regular customer now that I'm self-employed.